"Lindsay Barche's Abigail Williams, the deceitful mistress of lead character John Proctor, was perfection.  She has a soaring, lovely soprano voice."

Rex Hearn, Palm Beach Paper


"Barche sang a strong, dramatic Turandot, in character down to minute movements like subtly sweeping her gown away from Calaf as she deigned to address this fearsome foreigner. The Turandot role calls for a high-volume, high-range Wagnerian- soprano — steely and stage-grabbing but malleable enough to melt into her surrender to Calaf. Barche shows herself capable of it all."  

Harriet Heithaus, Opera Naples Review


“After intermission, with the arrival of Aida a fuller dramatic and musical context was achieved, possibly due to the number of singers on stage and their ability to conjure a context for this magnificent music. Tenor Jonathan Burton sang Celeste Aida powerfully, setting the tone for the scintillating vocalism of Studio Artist Lindsay Barche in Aida's Ritorna vincitor! and in the her duet with Kevin Short, truly impressive considering that she had stepped in for the artist originally scheduled for this role.”

Richard Storm, Herald Tribune